LifeLines supports and befriends prisoners on Death Row throughout the United States, through letter writing. It is the first established organisation of its kind, and has spread both nationally and internationally, with members all over the world.

History of Lifelines

LifeLines began in 1988 when its founder Jan Arriens watched the BBC documentary Fourteen Days in May. Jan was so moved by the words of the condemned prisoners who were interviewed, and by the dignity of the man who was to be executed, Edward Earl Johnson, that he wrote to three of the prisoners. They all replied, saying how much his letter had meant to them and how pleased they were to have their voices heard beyond the prison walls. We are delighted to have the renowned human rights lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith O.B.E., as our patron.

Find out more at www.lifelines-uk.org.uk


One thought on “About

  1. I’ve been writing to friends on Death Row for a while now. A couple of them have been fortunate – they’ve been moved to life imprisonment in more humane surroundings, or even released. I still have friends on the Row; whether they committed the crimes they’re accused of is beside the point, because we cannot tell people that it’s wrong to kill by killing them. It takes so little: a few lines telling them about our everyday lives; maybe a photograph of you and your pet; something funny, something from the news, something purely personal (I find my friends on the Row are immensely sensitive to any small problem I may come uo against). And when I see a letter from one of them in my mailbox, I immediately feel better, however awful the day may have been. Lifelines is a gift not only to those on the Row, but to those of us fortunate enough to have found new friends there.

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